VIDEOS The Mimico Sessions I WANT YOUR LOVE I want your love But love with no direction You got it tough So tough But that's the way you like it I'm all wired And I'm thinking too much So tired but I want you to sing to me The signal bounces off a satellite As I break into sweat You explode in the night And I wont give up But I'm not no real go-getter You have it rough So rough But that's the way you like it I want your love I want your love I want your love I want your love I take cover when I'm under attack Been walking round with a knife in my back Every night I really struggle with sleep Day after day week after week I stole your love But that don't make it better We got it rough so rough But that's the way we like it I want your love I want your love I want your love I want your love NEW ADDICTION I've sobered up But hold me steady Just for my peace of mind All these things got lost forever Took me such a long time to find I shake you off But you cling to me You're like a Parasite Mistress with your dirty secrets Jewel thief that got caught In a laser line And now I'm spinning like a top You've gone and taken all I got But never in my life have I Felt so constricted I gotta get myself a new addiction So take these pills To cure your ills Walk on the grave You'll wake the dead Sleezy Rocknroller She's a fine street struttin Rock and rolling woman Who likes to spend her days on the junk Switchblade on her neck Greased up cherry hair She's all over the scene Getting on down Down to the sounds Rollin all down the line Stayin up late every night Rollin on down the line She is a sleazy rock n' roller With a voice like a heart attack Leaning in Hey hey hey! Losing all control Bouncing off the walls Rocking back and forth like a horse Haring down the tracks Lean in to the light I wonder what it is I should do She is a sleazy rock n'roller She's like a heart attack
Panic is worse than the emergency

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