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"...hail the new kings of rawk" - The Impaler Speaks


"...ASS-KICKING TRASH ROCK and TURBO-CHARGED POWER POP" - Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

"Damned if the Darlings Of Chelsea haven't gone and made another contender for album of the year…" - Mass Movement Magazine

"Darlings of Chelsea launch a new chapter in Canadian rock 'n' roll…" - Barrie Examiner

"They will remind many of the Rolling Stones' early work, with their true rock 'n' roll sound, strong instrumentals, and a hard, pounding beat you can tap your foot to." - The

"a slick, million dollar ride, each one sparked by electric riffs, biting solos, and addictive hooks" - BrokenBeard

"Remember when people said rock'n'roll was dead? It wasn't. It still isn't… You can stop looking though, I have found it." - Spun

"Underground supergroup…" - Gig City (Edmonton)

"No false passion, just 11 songs full of chugging bass, smashing drums, screeching guitars, tightly joined together with half-sung, half-shouted vocals." - Here Magazine (New Brunswick)

"straight up rock 'n' roll" - Rocky Mountain Outlook (Banff)

"intense rhythms, well-layered instrumentation, catchy hooks and memorable choruses… this is a great rocker" - Confront Magazine

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"Best New Band of 2009" and "Top 5 Albums of the Year" - Mass Movement

Winner of 100+ band competition - IndieWeek 2009

"Best EP of the Year" - SPUN Music

"...appeases the musically educated but exudes the mass appeal needed to land Darlings Of Chelsea on the covers of magazines and the tops of the charts." - Revolt

"...guttural demons bent on dismantling the Rolling Stones and Hellacopters, forging them into something sick and twisted yet beautifully entrancing." - Exclaim Magazine

"Voted #3 Top Albums of the year... like the New York Dolls f*$king Guns N' Roses... Sadly, it will take a Canadian band to add legitimacy to a US rock industry..." - Blogs'n'Roses

"...subtle lovers, raw rock'n'rollers, sugary pop rock fiends and sordid, guttural demons... a stunning debut" - CHARTattack!

"The hooks are huge, the songwriting is absolutely radiant... Darlings have a great shot at returning rock and roll back into what it’s supposed to be - badass." - Fazer Magazine

"Based on the quality of this EP, I would have sex with Darlings of Chelsea." - TigerBeat Socialites

"Two songs in and you are already playing air guitar... I hope this band takes over the world." - SPUN Blog

"Dripping in guitar-fueled swagger, DOC have a wave of nostalgia reminiscent of the 80's LA scene, but draw on enough influences and creativity to make the sound their own" - Live Review at Toronto Music Scene

"What if, in the halcyon days of the early 70s, the undeniably rocking, glammed-up, punk-as-fuck Aerosmith-on a collective bender of booze and god-knows-what-else-stumbled across Doc's DeLorean and sped into their future, our present… Well, its one explanation for Darlings of Chelsea" - Mass Movement Magazine (Print Article)

"…they rocked and did a pretty good job at getting the crowd warmed up for the headliners. Getting crowd surfers to continuously float among the sweaty bodies before Spinnerette even set up - that's talent." - PluggedIn Media (Live Print Review)

"The Darlings of Chelsea rocked the narrow halls prior to Spinnerette making their entrance. Their brand of fast, gutsy, straight-ahead punk rock went over really well with the crowd…" - A Thousand Points of Light (Live Review)

"Darlings of Chelsea were incredible. This indie-rock band with punk leanings sounded huge, loud and dangerously cool." - the Grubtunes blog (Live Review)

"I left Iggy Pop to come see you guys at NXNE, and you didn't disappoint." - Chris Sorensen, Music Fan

"...there are so many reasons to listen to this band that jotting them all down, forging out some incendiary biblical template would seem pretentious."Andrew Paquet Photo Blog

SXSW 2010 interview over at

"…veterans of the Canadian punk/rock scene" - Wikipedia (Article)

Featured "Band of the Day" on twice

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